This is the first project from the motion design group study
I'm so proud of finished this work.
The theme of this month was 'Korea'. So I reinterpreted the movie 'Ghost in the shell" with Korean traditional stuff. While making this video, I realized Korea have a lot of beautiful cultural things.
Please let me know if you have any question or interest in my works.

I got a motive and inspiration from the Korean traditional wedding wear, especially woman's. 
For example, traditional headwear accessory named 'Jokdori' or traditional ornamental hairpin called 'Binyeo"​​​​​​​

Production Stills
Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Cloud, Octane Render

Production | Direction | Animation : Haram Jung
Final Compositing | Color Grading : Haram Jung
Cyborg 3D model provide : Lance Wilkinson
Decal Textures provide : Beeple ("Zero day")
Music : Ten Songs For Humanity - James Ferraro
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